YouTube vs Blogging | Which One Is Better To Start In 2018

One of most asked questions I get from people who are considering a blog but can’t decide.

Is Video Better or is The Old Written Word still the king of this online world.

A lot of people are wondering or thinking about which one they should create to help with their online business.

So I thought I’d make a video just going over the two a little bit and comparing them side by side.

I know it’s a little bit of a short one but I wanted to just cover them briefly since I think there is an obvious winner out of the two.

With that said they are both still reasonable business models to go after and although blogging is a little bit older.

But there are still people making a lot of money with it to this day.

Those people are now very well established and they are making full time livings just off the articles and posts that they’ve made to their blogs.

If you want a similar type of lifestyle where your earning passive income from your online business and making money from affiliate marketing, and your own products, growing a following is never a bad idea.

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