Why I Quit Shopify Dropshipping For Affiliate Marketing

Since I started to make a few videos going over shopify and dropshipping I thought I would talk about my past with it since I followed that exact business model for 7 or 8 months.

And since I ran 3 individual shopify stores that were all of different varying degrees of success I figured I would go into a little more detail as to exactly why I gave all of that up to pursue affiliate marketing harder than I ever had before.

I’m glad I made the choice to switch business models, especially since I’ve been able to see way more success in affiliate marketing than I ever had while doing shopify and the dropshipping business model.

Again though by no means am I saying that the shopify dropshipping business is bad, because it’s the opposite, I think that it’s an incredible business to make money online.

It just wasn’t the one for me, but I still encourage others to try it out and maybe you’ll have even more success than I did.

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